Monday, December 13, 2010

Social Media for Positive Social Change

Social media is a hot subject. Youth is excited about it. Older people like myself are still questioning its usefulness. Whatever your opinion is, social media is here and we need to know more about it.
The city of Jeddah has witnessed a devastating flood in November 2009 and the Saudi youth in Jeddah got immediately mobilized to help and report about the damages using social media. This is was what created the interest in Effat University. We found out that social responsibility and awareness about the community, which are the skills that any university dreams of achieving in its graduates, were demonstrated in a very spontaneous way using social media.

The symposium to be held on Wednesday and Thursday, December 15 and 16, at Effat University would like to highlight this youth significant experience and also go beyond and look on two very important aspects of social media. The first one is how to use it in education to meet the youth expectations while fostering learning; and the second one is to educate young students in high schools about it and prepare them to be responsible citizens who will use it for positive social change.

Please check this blog frequently, our wonderful students will have posts for every session of the event.
Thank you to Effat students.

Houria Oudghiri, Provost
Effat University

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