Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a fun and informative talk by Mr. Tony Proudian

Mr. Tony Proudian gave an interesting talk about the highlights of a research completed at PAN research center. He opened the discussion with the statement that the world a global village and how they tried to explore this statement by conducting a research at PAN that included surveys and questionnaires in 27 countries. Since the speech was only 30 minutes, he clarified that only the highlights of the research will be included. The objective of the research was to show how people are involved in social media, how consumers interact and what the people really want from social media. The methodology of the research included the use of CATI(computer assisted telephone Interviewing ). Mr. Toni presented the results by first giving statistics about the number  of Internet users around the world and number of users for each activity, the numbers .The mostly done activities fluctuated between browsing, downloading and uploading music, mobile phone apps. Mr. Tony concluded the talk by giving the example of much youth is connected to social media that made every one laugh.

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