Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Social Media around the world – What’s the buzz

By Tony Proudian
He extended greetings to the people present and presented the research on global social media. E began by addressing this world as a small global village and social media is the third experience to confirm this phenomenon. The first thing that confirmed this phenomenon was economic crisis. The tools that they used in their survey of economic situation were the asking the same questions to over 27 countries and different nationalities. The second was swine flu which confirmed the world to be a global village. And then WIN gave their members a chance to reconfirm about social media which was asked in 27 countries and they received 22,000 respondents. He informed us about how people are involved with social media, they access, interact their needs and what they want. A survey done in March 1 to April 7th in 27 countries received 22,000 respondents on the same topic. The countries were the Arab nation and many others. The methodology which was used to gather the information was internet, computer assisted telephone technology and face to face interviews. It made a division of the internet users by geographical regions. The internet users in Asia were 825 million users, 475 million users were in Europe, 204 million users in Caribbean, 111 million users in Africa, 61 million users in Australia and when talking about Arab countries, there are 235,000 users on facebook, 30,000 users are in Syria and 1 million users in Emirates. There are 75% active users for social networking sites and 25% are active in business online. There 22% mutual area which consist of people active in both the fields. The leaders of social networking today are Facebook, You tube and Twitter. Mobile devices are highest among the people over the age of 36 years and more below the age of 36 years. Behind every social media, the youth is the main driving force. The news is searched by age groups between 25-36 years. The youth between the age group of 16-25 years are mostly active on social media sites. Browsing, writing reviews, watching news, personal chat, downloading and uploading music, videos and images, shopping are the common activities on the internet. Mobile is the fastest growing social media around the world. He also gave the statistics on the preferred feature by informing us that 28% respondents preferred high internet speed, interface was preferred by 16% and better development by 24%. Browsing is an activity done by 86% users, blogs by 83%, uploading and downloading videos by 67%, music by 69%, gaming by 39%, shopping by 52%, dating by 37% and job search by 57% of the users. Mobile gaming has the higher proportion of users. 29% prefer using their cell phones for social interaction, 25% prefer their laptops, and smart phones are preferred by 16%. The job search is done by users between the age group of 25-36 years. Remaining is done by the youth which is 16-24 years. In Saudi Arabia the statistics are as follows, there are 96% of users involved in browsing, 86% in blogs, 68% in video uploads, 67% in music uploads, 56% in chatting, 35% in job search area, 45% in gaming and 33%in social events. The uploads by media and browsing are the highest ranked activities done by the users. Posting on twitter, face book and blogs are done few times a day. These are the cases in which we are also involved in playing deaf and dumb with members of the family when questioned by them. The growing media is an excellent vehicle in the field of communication and we need to use it for the good of our society before it is used against.
Hiba Shahid

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