Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Registration (08:00- 09:00 am)

The registration for the L&T Symposium has started now. The registration hall is being flooded by the audience who are very eager to finish registering their names and enter the Effat Hall. The volunteers who are mostly the students of Effat University are pacing to carry out their responsibilities. They have distributed themselves in different parts of the hall in order to guide the audience along the registration process and ensuring that they have all go their badges.  The registration hall is filled with the sound of printing and the hospitable phrases of the student volunteers welcoming the audience to their university. The audience are also being given badges with their names and the records containing flyers, the program schedule for the event, necessary stationery etc.
Another part of the Registration Hall is serving refreshments to guests.
The Effat students show signs of pride in welcoming the audience to their University. Some of this audience consists of the students of Effat University themselves in addition to the people they have brought along with them and also other interested individuals who have been informed about the event through different kinds of social media: facebook, email etc. Some of the audience have entered the Effat Hall and are patiently waiting for the event to start. (Sarah & Sumeyra)

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