Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Closing of Day One of the L&T symposium


To make this event a success, everyone has put a great a deal of effort and the speakers attending the symposium are an amazing group of intellectuals from various fields. 

Mrs.Akila Sarirete concluded the first day of the L&T symposium by informing the audience about the workshops that will be running from morning till evening along with the last session of the day 1 which is a debate touching on issues of boundaries, privacy, connection, interaction and more, to help us answer the fundamental question of “Who is my community?”. Later, she distributed the awards and very eagerly requested the audience to take part on the second day of the symposium as they will try to produce concrete contributions based on the first day’s talks. The day will proceed along three tracks, which participants can choose among. 

Track 1:
Developing the Jeddah Flood event into a case study for academic use.
Session Leader: Graham Attwell, Director of Pontydysgu, UK
Track 2:
Producing an academic program to teach  social media, for high school students and above.
Session Leader:
Michael Fast, Senior Education Advisor , Global Education Center, Academy for Educational Development ( AED) USA
and Amani Gandour, Curriculum Development Director, Effat University
Track 3:
Investigating the use of social media by educators in Saudi Arabia
Session Leader:  Saddiga Al-Ghalib, Dean, Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Effat University
Since the final product cannot be completed in one day, participants will use a collaboration tool such as a wiki to continue working on the output after the Symposium. Part of the day will be devoted to training on how to use the tool. In addition to the case study and the educational program, research papers will also be written on the process of creating the outputs.

So, good luck and i hope to see you all tomorrow morning,
Signing off !

 posted by: Fauziya Ali Ansari ( Alumni, Effat University)

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